Photography is the capturing and manipulation of light. People are beautiful and to capture the light that shines from the sparks of life produced by every individual is my goal in portrait photography.

The here and the now comes with the dust and is gone with the wind; my camera seeks to immortalize people at their best so that individuals may hold and kiss their joys even as the memories fade like half remembered dreams.

I attach words to my photos to inspire and to remind people that life can be beautiful if you want it to be. It's easy to criticize and point out perceived flaws in these photos. But these images are how these individuals want to be portrayed; this is how they want to be remembered. There is beauty in everything even in imperfection. 

Nice to meet you, my name is Claymore MacTarnaghan. I am a military veteran expertly skilled in photography, videography and social media management. My passion lies in creative thinking and innovation. It was born during my time as a communications student at The University of Washington Tacoma.

I truly thrive in a professional environment where I am able to utilize my skill set in both photography and social media to accomplish a common goal to the success of my clients. I have reached the tops of mountains, centers of lakes, and sledded down an avalanche chute or two all the while thinking, how can I get the most dynamic and impressive perspective of my current environment.

My goal is to help people in a fun, energetic and upbeat manner while putting a smile on their face. I thrive on going above and beyond for the clients I partner with. I am easy to work with and love creating strong lasting bonds.

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